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Phoseon Technology develops new solutions for UV LED curing

When it comes to label and packaging solutions, Phoseon Technology has the (LED) cure. Phoseon’s UV LED (light emitting diodes) curing products are currently being utilized in the printing,... Read more »

Phoseon Technology Exhibits LED Curing Solutions at INFO*FLEX 2017

Phoseon will showcase the latest UV LED curing solutions for printing applications at the upcoming INFO*FLEX event in Phoenix, AZ. Visit the Phoseon exhibit, at booth number 835, to learn how Phoseon... Read more »

Phoseon Technology: Manufacturers Increasingly Turn To UV LED Technology For Filament Coating

High demand for coated filaments across a wide and growing spectrum of applications ranging from cell phones to fabrics, is causing manufacturers to increasingly turn to Phoseon Technology’s... Read more »

Phoseon, Mark Andy and Others to Present UV LED Developments at Seminar in Israel

Phoseon Technology is to host a seminar next month in Israel looking at the latest developments in UV LED, and will be joined by the likes of Industrial Inkjet, EFI Matan, Mark Andy and Paragon Inks... Read more »

Solar Power Serves South African Label Converter

South Africa has been coping with an energy crisis so severe that once-common rolling blackouts have now been replaced with double digit energy rate hikes. For South African label converters this... Read more »

UV LED Technology Best Option for Low-Migration Printing

Phoseon Technology believes it’s just a matter of time before UV LED cured low-migration inks, coatings and adhesives are widely adopted across global markets. Low migration is a term used to... Read more »