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Low Migration Inks

In North America, the food and beverage sectors together make up a whopping 56% of the end use sector of the label market, according to 2015 data collected and reported by LPC Inc., a market research... Read more »

Phoseon Technology develops new solutions for UV LED curing

When it comes to label and packaging solutions, Phoseon Technology has the (LED) cure. Phoseon’s UV LED (light emitting diodes) curing products are currently being utilized in the printing,... Read more »

UV Curing

From converters to their customers, environmentally friendly practices are profoundly affecting the labels and packaging space. One such way that the industry can save – both from sustainable and... Read more »

UV LED Technology on the Horizon for Wide Web Applications

UV LED curing technology presents numerous opportunities for wide web applications. Although most applications on the market today are in digital inkjet, screen, narrow web flexographic and... Read more »