AMS Multiwave LED™ Technology To Be Highlighted At Fogra’s 2016 UV Printing User Forum In Germany

RIVER FALLS, WI – European printers seeking to expand their knowledge of the technical elements and benefits of LED UV curing for commercial operations are invited to attend this year’s UV... Read more »

Ensuring Success When Switching from Conventional Lamp to LED Light Curing Sources

LEDs, or light emitting diodes, continue to gain popularity as a replacement for traditional light bulbs, not only in homes and public buildings, but also for use with light-curable materials... Read more »

FlexoTech: Curing the LED Way

There are many advantages of UV LED curing technology in terms of capabilities, economics and environmental benefits, however, initial costs are still relatively high, and traditional UV cuing looks... Read more »

Instant Cure

An integral part of printing inks is the ability to dry them, with many converters favouring UV inks because they cure almost instantly, allowing for further inline processes. There is a growing... Read more »

L&L: Low-Down on Low Migration

Product recalls resulting from the imperceptible transfer of some toxic printing ink substance into dry or liquid foodstuffs are the stuff of nightmares for brand owners, and fortunately don't happen... Read more »

Marabu at K 2016

Plastic is a fascinating material, and exceptionally versatile. Highly malleable, it can be moulded and drawn into practically any shape – and it can be printed. Marabu has now introduced a variety... Read more »