Ink World: EU's Return to Economic Growth May Boost Printers, Ink Manufacturers

The European Union is now returning to a period of steady but slow economic growth, after a series of short-lived recovering since the big financial downturn of 2008. The current revival is expected... Read more »

Innovation Award to Europe’s BJS Group: UV LED curing for Wood

Sweden’s BJS Group was awarded one of the 2014 Radtech Emerging Technology Awards as one of the first manufacturers to use UV LED technology in high volume wood manufacturing production... Read more »

Introduction to UV LEDs for the Wood Market

During the production of kitchen furniture, wood floors or cladings, varnishing is a crucial step of the process that offers a better protection along with an aesthetic appeal to the wood. The... Read more »

Is Deep UV a Shallow Answer?

For over a decade the advocates of UV LED have spent a lot of time promoting the virtues of narrow wavelength sources -- particularly those that leave out all the “bad stuff” like infrared and... Read more »

UV LED Curing Community Launches Site

Today, the UV LED Curing Community launches its inaugural website to increase UV LED curing awareness and education. The Community website will become a forum for market participants to share... Read more »

Why the UVA LED Curing Industry Needs Nanoceramic Thermal Management

Over the past 30 years or so, UVA curing has revolutionised the way manufacturers have made products. UV’s ability to change a liquid to a solid has paved the way to widespread ink curing,... Read more »