A Conversation with John Freismuth

Paul Mills, moderator of the UV LED Community recently sat down with John Freismuth, President of discuss the switch to UV LED light sources. Here are some highlights of that discussion. A... Read more »

After Hours, NIST and Suppliers Discuss UV LED Measurement

While NBA basketball and NHL hockey games beckoned on the sports bar TV sets upstairs, UV LED suppliers and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)... Read more »

Cambridge Nanotherm Launches Nanotherm DMS for UV LED Applications

Thermal management innovator Cambridge Nanotherm today announces the launch of Nanotherm DMS, a unique Direct Metallised Single-sided thermal management solution that addresses the challenges created... Read more »

Community Glossary

The following are the high-level terms that are commonly used in the UV LED curing industry. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list but rather a first-level guide to understanding basic... Read more »

Current state of adoption and mind set on UV LED in the European market in Inkjet

Inkjet printing systems have become popular in the past decades because of the constant development of new printing methods as well as techniques that adapt to different materials. UV inks can be... Read more »

Highlights on UV LED varnish on wood

Introduction to UV LEDs for the wood marketDuring the production of kitchen furniture, wood floors or cladding, varnishing is a crucial step of the process that offers a better protection along with... Read more »