UV/LED-Curing of Powder Coating

Talks with Keyland Polymer

See this talk at Coatings Trends & Technology (Tuesday September 13th, 2016) & Powder Coating Summit (Wednesday October 5th, 2016)

The recent and rapid developments in UV/LED technology are pointing to interesting and significant opportunities for UV-cured powder coatings. Initial test results show great promise for the use of UV/LED for curing powder coatings. UV/LED systems are in fact capable of curing clear and black pigmented UV-curable powders. The presentation will illustrate testing sequences and data results of UV-cured powder coatings cured with UV/LED and evaluated using photo-DSC.

Michael Knoblauch
Michael Knoblauch, President, Keyland Polymer, LLC
Michael Knoblauch has over 25 years of experience in the commercial wood component manufacturing and finishing industry. Knoblauch built the first North American UV-cured powder coat finishing system for wood in Michigan in 2001 and formed DVUV, LLC in 2005 when the company moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Keyland Polymer was formed in 2006 and focuses on the development, formulation, application and manufacturing of UV-cured powder coating for heat sensitive substrates. Prior to DVUV, Michael was president of Decorative Veneer, a furniture component company. Michael attended John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in History and his Masters in Business Administration.