Phoseon adds FireEdge FE400: Pinning & Full Cure

Phoseon Technology has developed the FireEdge FE400 LED curing series, featuring advanced features that are claimed to deliver maximum flexibility.

With built-in intensity control options, the FireEdge FE400 can be used for both full cure and pinning applications by providing high UV power. The new air-cooled series offers customers process stability with Phoseon's patented TargetCure technology, which provides users with precise and predictable UV output. Phoseon's unique scaling feature allows units to be stacked ‘end to end’ with contiguous, uniform UV output to fit any application size.

Light sources deliver 8W per sq cm peak intensity and come in multiple curing lengths, from 80mm up to 240mm, all with a 10mm wide curing window. Accessories include cables, power supply, hub unit, optics options, air inlet options, and extended warranty.

The FireEdge FE400 also comes equipped with WhisperCool technology that provides a quieter option with high UV output and a small form factor. WhisperCool technology uses proprietary and patented Phoseon innovations, which translates directly to higher productivity, thereby improving profitability.

‘The new FireEdge FE400 products offer advanced features and greater flexibility,’ said Joe Becker, product marketing manager at Phoseon Technology. ‘Customers will have the ability control intensity to a wider range of power levels, and scale to any size for easy integration.’

FireEdge FE400 products will be available towards the end of 2016.

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