Phase 3 Expands Print Capabilities with Two New EFI VUTEk 5r LED Printers

 Phase 3 Marketing and Communications, an end-to-end marketing, PR, creative, digital, print and marketing logistics service provider, continues to position itself as the leading supplier of cutting-edge, quality print design and production — from small to large scale projects across the country. With facilities anchored in both Atlanta and Dallas, both locations have purchased one of the industry’s most renowned, high-quality and high-volume printers: the EFI VUTEk 5r.

The most advanced five-meter LED roll-to-roll printer currently on the market, the quick-output machine creates the highest quality image with hundreds of options — increasing Phase 3’s production capabilities exponentially in terms of both job quantity and quality. Resolution of up to 1,200 dpi, four-point text and multiple layers at once, among a handful of more — in addition to LED-curing technology and environmentally friendly production.

Phase 3’s printing facilities provide for each of the company’s office locations – including Nashville, Charlotte and Charleston, Sc. – along with the Dallas and Atlanta teams, creating and finishing hundreds of jobs each day, as small as menu printing to as large as stadium wall wraps. The addition of the top-notch equipment positions Phase 3 as an industry leader and premiere company providing best-in-class production.

“This purchase is a massive step forward for Phase 3 as a company and brand,” explains Troy McGinnis, executive VP of print production and marketing logistics. “I’m incredibly excited for both our Dallas and Atlanta facilities to work on the same level as one another, showcase our capabilities and most importantly, demonstrate our investment in technology and quality for our clients.”

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