i-Sub delivers 3.2m Agfa and Zünd machines to Digital Wordcrafts

i-Sub has announced that Leicester-based print company, Digital Wordcrafts, has purchased an Agfa Anapurna H3200i LED UV printer and a Zünd G3 XL3200 digital flatbed cutter. The Agfa is replacing Digital Wordcrafts’ VUTEk printers and the Zünd G3 is replacing two smaller Zünd machines.

Digital Wordcrafts was founded in 1988 and provides a complete range of printing and signage solutions to companies across the UK. They specialise in building long-term relationships with customers that encompass all their printing and display requirements. Managing Director, Adrian Bingley, says: “As an example, one of our major customers is health food retail chain, Holland & Barrett. We provide all the internal graphics for their stores throughout the country as well as their external fascias and illuminated and projected signage. Our business is full service printing and display, with both large and small format services available.”

The relationship between i-Sub and Digital Wordcrafts goes back more than 15 years. “For many years i-Sub has provided all our large format Mimaki solvent machines and we have always been very happy with their service and support,” says Bingley. “We began with a 1.3m Mimaki and as demand grew, so did the width of our printers and ultimately we ended up with a 2.6m Mimaki JV34 and a 3.2m JV5. Now we have two 1.6m and one 1.3m Mimaki JV150 machines, all of which are serving us very well. The Agfa Anapurna has primarily been purchased to replace our VUTEk machine and at 3.2m wide, this satisfies all our print requirements.”

The Agfa Anapurna H3200i LEDUV is a belt-driven hybrid machine that can handle all types of rigid sheet materials up to 3.2m wide, and with the ability to print a 10’ x 5’ (3000mm x 1500mm) sheets landscape, productivity is impressive. Roll media is available up to 3.2m wide, both in a single-roll and a dual-roll configuration. Thanks to the LED UV curing it supports the widest media mix in the market at all print quality levels. The printer offers both high throughput and high print quality and has white inks as standard thus increasing the range of possible applications.

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