Codimag and IST Present New UV Curing Technology

Codimag will present the new, energy-saving IST MBS UV LEDcure system for its label presses at UV Days 2017, organized and hosted by its partner, IST Metz on May 15-18, in Nürtingen, Germany.

At the event, a Codimag Viva 340 press will be shown for the first time with the air-cooled IST MBS LEDcure system, which is said to offer longer lamp lifetime, reduced energy consumption, increased start-up speeds and the elimination of ozone releases found with traditional UV lamps. This UV LED technology is the latest fruit of the 20-year collaboration between Codimag and IST Metz, who both mark their 40th anniversaries this year. 

The IST MBS UV LEDcure system will be used to cure the waterless offset UV inks printed on the Aniflo units of the Viva 340 at UV Days 2017. The Aniflo inking unit on the Viva press, designed by Codimag and combining offset quality, flexo simplicity and digital flexibility, allows label converters to print on almost all commonly used narrow web substrates. 

‘The introduction of the IST MBS LEDcure system demonstrates Codimag's expertise in the integration of new technologies and the benefits of its 20-year collaboration with IST,’ explained Benoit Demol, Codimag president. ‘In addition to its other benefits, IST MBS LEDcure technology reduces the heat generated by dryers, enabling the printing of temperature-sensitive substrates, including shrink sleeve materials. This ability can help users extend their product offering and attract new customers.’

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